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Off Road Camping Trailers For The Adventure Lifestyle!





  • Can I pull the Tentrax behind my car?

    Yes! Tentrax trailers only weigh about 600 pounds, so it is easy to tow behind any vehicle.

  • How does the Tentrax tow off-road?

    With the off-road package, you get high ground clearance with a Dexter Torflex torsion axle. We also offer off-road couplers that allow the Tentrax to go anywhere your off-road vehicle can go!

  • What size tires can you put on the Tentrax?

    Currently, the Tentrax can fit up to 38” tires. We can custom match any wheels to your vehicle by matching bolt patterns and lug nuts. We are working on an option to include 40” tires.

  • Can you paint my Tentrax to match my vehicle?

    Yes, we can customize your Tentrax using the paint code color from your vehicle.

  • Where is the shower?

    The idea behind Tentrax is to explore simply. To maintain the lightweight maneuverability of the trailer, Tentrax does not include a shower.

  • How does the battery recharge?

    The 12V deep cycle battery recharges through the 7-pin tow connector on your vehicle. Choose the 12V electrical package and 7-pin extension harness to have power wherever your Tentrax goes! We also offer a solar option for recharging the battery.

  • How does the tent hold up in wind and rain?

    The tent comes with a waterproof rainfly that keeps you dry, even in heavy rain. Additional straps on the tent keep it in place no matter the weather conditions. Being up off of the ground also keeps all of your gear dry during a storm.

  • What is the storage capacity of the trailer?

    There is 35 cubic feet of storage inside, as well as additional storage options with the front rack and aluminum locking dry storage box. We have 2 different axle options - 1,400 lbs and 2,200lbs, both of which allow you to store plenty of gear.

  • Where is the refrigerator?

    We are working on an option for an RV refrigerator that will run off the 12V battery. The front rack is sized to fit many popular cooler options.

  • Is the bed comfortable?

    Yes! It is close in size to a queen sized bed with supportive high-density foam.


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