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Tentrax is the only TERRAIN RATED Off Road Trailer




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You can go virtually anywhere off road with over 20" of ground clearance under the skid plate with a Tentrax. That's exactly what you'll get and more on most models.  Easy Set-Up  with Tentrax and plenty of storage space in and on the trailer, you'll be living the dream.  Check out the Rubicon TrailerJeep Wrangler Trailer,  Off Road Trailers,   FJ Cruiser Trailers, or Nissan Trailers.   These trailers are designed and built specifically for off road use.   This tent trailer has been towed by any number of  Vehicles or see for yourself in Picture Gallery 1 or just   Build your own free online estimate.


Look and you will see a Tentrax trailer being towed behind a wide variety of other vehicles.

  •   Subaru - Outbacks and other Models work great


These Off Road Trailers are extremely  easy to use and the Tent and Bed set up time is less than 5 minutes, allowing you to establish or break down camp expeditiously.   Imagine being able to set up your warm, dry, and safe tent and bed in just minutes.

These Terrain Rated®  tent trailers allow you the freedom to go anywhere, anytime to enjoy the great outdoors.   Equally impressive is how well they fit the lifestyle of so many wanting to haul all types of gear including bicycles and kayaks.   The standard Boulevard camper can also be upgraded to a fully functional Off Road camping trailer too.   Light-weight design,  weather resistant,  with  large cargo capacity and more.


Oftentimes, these off road trailers are called  Back country trailers,   off road camping trailers,   Jeep trailers,  ATV adventure trailers,  and  off road cargo trailers.    They too are a lightweight travel trailer with a pop-up feature that can withstand the brutality of off road camping trails and rugged abuse. These trailers can be custom built to match most vehicles on the road today including color, tires, and wheel size.

Tentrax  trailers are for folks that want the best in performance, strength, and versatility.    Here are some Specifications and  Dimensions  or go directly to   "Build Yours"  to select your  options  and  accessories  and create your own estimate.   Call 1-800-488-2022 and leave your name and phone number and the owner will return your call to answer questions you may have.


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