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Look at this Toyota Tacoma camper trailer's  easy set-up and you will see first hand that it is designed and built as a heavy duty off road camping trailer and not just a cargo trailer. It is engineered and built for tough 4x4 off road handling yet lightweight and convenient enough for campgrounds too.

Install 37 inch tires on this off road trailer and you get over 20 inches of ground clearance under the trailer's  Skid Plate. With big tires you'll need to add the optional  6 inch or 8 inch Lift Kits that Tentrax sells. Don't forget that the  Off-Road Package  gives you complete trouble-free articulation for the demands of an extreme version of the Toyota Tacoma 4x4 camper trailer.

The off road package includes a Tongue Extension that enables you to pitch a 90 degree campsite while your Toyota Tacoma and Tentrax camping trailer are attached.


A quick look at this All-Terrain trailer's specifications and Dimensions shows just how lightweight and compact the Tentrax is; yet more than capable of carrying all your camping gear due to the trailer's large inside cargo area and it's 3 outside cargo racks (Top rack, Front rack, and Tongue rack). The Tentrax is The All-Terrain 4x4 off road camping trailer.

Look at the Lockable Aluminum Waterproof Dry Box too and see the Tongue Rack it sets in. With or without the dry box, the tongue rack is a great cargo rack for camping gear. See some of the A/T Tires and Aluminum Wheels if large tires are not necessary.


The images at the top of this page and others pages found throughout the Tentrax Website gives you plenty of ideas of the most popular trend in camping trailers today. Matching wheels, tires, and paint color of a Tentrax says it all. Awesome!

Build your online estimate of a Toyota Tacoma camper trailer using some of these options:

  •   Torflex Axle — capable of hauling the weight of all your cargo & gear
  •   Off Road Package — for off-road articulation, 90 degree campsite, exchange system

Tentrax offers many  options  and   accessories  to help you build your off road 4x4 trailer.

Tentrax can also build a Trailer to match most Toyota vehicles including:  Rav4  and  FJ Cruiser.

Need help  Building your trailer estimate?  Call us at 1-800-488-2022   or   Email Tentrax.

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Last updated on October 13, 2016