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Have a look at this great Off-Road Terrain Rated®  FJ Cruiser camper trailer and see for yourself by the way it is designed  that it is clearly built to go camping off road. The  Off-Road Exchange System package includes a Max Coupler and Tongue Extension. Now you can tow this trailer anywhere you want to to and make your own trails and camp sites. The 6 piece exchange system also includes: a detachable ball coupler, a detachable ball coupler, , and a detachable electrical pigtail.  Finally, let's not forget to answer that question that many rock crawlers have been asking about off road trailer capabilities, What about taking a look at the  Skid Plate and see what it is all about

As you can imagine, as an All-Terrain Trailer, installing 37 inch tires on this camping trailer is not going to be a problem. Take a look at the lift kits for example if you want to go for an extreme 4x4 camping trailer experience. We have a six inch Kit and an 8 inch lift. This is one of the reasons which allows for excess clearance between your skid plate and the gravel, rocks, or pavement you drive over. We're talking over 19 inches of clearance.


This off road FJ Cruiser trailer has been very Big trend among outdoor campers for obvious reasons. Lightweight, compact, plenty of storage both in and out, and of course it is very easy to tow.   This All Terrain Trailer is extremely lightweight. It only weights 600 lbs which allows you to take plenty of cargo with you to your favorite camp sites.  You will have instant fun with a Tentrax, just add your own camping adventure.


FJ Cruiser owners seem to like their trailer to match their vehicle. Two of the most popular ways they do this is by having us install trailer wheels and tires that are identical to what is on their FJ Cruiser. Another way is that they have us paint their Tentrax trailer the same color as their the FJ Cruiser. When you take a look at the finished product, you can see for yourself why so many expect this trend to continue.

Just look at these great 4x4 trailer options and  build yours to view your trailer estimate:

  •   Tent & Bed — to sleep above the hard ground under the trailer tent

Look at Tentrax  More options  and  More accessories  to built an Off-Road trailer.

Tentrax will build a Trailer that matches most any other Toyota vehicle including:  The Rav4  and  Tacoma.    Want help  Building a trailer?  Give us a ring at 1-800-488-2022   or   Email Us.

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Tentrax first started building off-road trailers in 2001. It was at that time that Tentrax set high standards for building off-road camping trailers too.   In doing so, Tentrax was soon recognized in developing and establishing best practice methods and techniques for building advanced off-road trailers such as the Ultimate Rubicon Trailer.

Since then, Tentrax has been recognized as a leader in the off-road trailer industry and continues to built upon their strong reputation by offering the best off-road trailer anywhere. Here are the many off-road trailer options and accessories that are in big demand today and the most requested products by customers.



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Last updated on May 14, 2017