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Look at this Subaru Trailer, the ever-popular Boulevard Trailer built by Tentrax. It's a lightweight, compact, tent trailer that is unique to the RV industry. The Boulevard weights approximately  600 lbs,  giving you an easy tow for your Subaru.

Now you will be able to visit your favorite campsites and roadside campgrounds much easier since your Tentrax can be pre packed and always ready to go. This All-Terrain tent trailer Sets-Up quickly in under 5 minutes so you can be ready for a comfortable rest or night's sleep anytime and anywhere you want.

Here are some camper trailer options to help  build your  Free online trailer estimate:

  •   Tent and Bed — for sleeping off the ground under cover


The Subaru Camper Trailer is an All-Terrain Trailer that is designed, engineered, and built for today's smaller tow vehicle's capability and made by the  Tentrax Family with USA materials. The Cargo Area,   Front Rack,   Tongue Rack, and top rack is more than enough room for all your camping equipment. The 12 volt electrical package is perfect for refrigerators, radios, fans, and more. You'll see just how comfortable the Tent and Bed is after a cozy nights sleep.


The popular trend when selecting a travel trailer is to consider its usefulness and capability.   After that, the most popular trend appears to be matching the trailer wheels, tires, and paint color to their Subaru for that overall sweet look.   This ever popular Boulevard model of tent trailer is always a favorite of small vehicle owners. A perfect match for Outback and Forester lovers.

Review the  options  and   accessories  before completing your online estimate.

Need help  Building yours?  Call us at 1-800-488-2022   or   Email Tentrax.

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Last updated on August 30, 2016