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Take a good Look at this Subaru Trailer, the ever-popular Boulevard Trailer built by Tentrax. It's a lightweight, compact, tent trailer that is unique to the RV industry. The Boulevard weights approximately  600 lbs.,  giving you an easy tow for your Subaru.

With a Tentrax, you will be able to visit your favorite campsites and roadside campgrounds much easier since your Tentrax can be pre-packed and always ready to go. If you are looking for a simple All-Terrain trailer with a tent and bed, you have found it.

Tentrax tent trailers Set-Up time is quick. In less than 5 minutes after you stop driving, you can be inside your comfortable tent trailer taking a nap or pulling over to a campsite for a good night's sleep. A Tentrax can help make this happen for you anytime and any place.

Take a look at some of these trailer options to help you build your camper estimate:


This is a camping trailer for anyone owning a Subaru and wants to camp. This All-Terrain Trailer was designed by engineers that knows what it is like pulling trailers with small to mid-size cars. This is one of the reasons why the Tentrax was designed to be so lightweight. Just take a look at some of these trailer Dimensions and discover for yourself the trailer's strength, options, and capabilities.  And check out the three main cargo racks: the Front Rack,   the Tongue Rack, and top rack which provide more than enough room for all your camping equipment. You'll also discover just how comfortable the Tent and Bed is after a cozy nights sleep.


Your first reason in purchasing your travel trailer should be for it's usefulness.   After that, most folks like their camping trailer to look good and what better way than to make it look like it matches the vehicle you will be towing it with. This means painting the trailer with same as your vehicle and mounting wheels and tires that match too.

This ever popular Boulevard model of tent trailer is always a favorite of small vehicle owners, as well as, a perfect match for Outback and Forester lovers too. Take a look at the top of this page and you will see the trailer that matches the Subaru. Sweet!  

Look at  options  before the   accessories , then why not use the trailer Estimator  before existing our website. Thanks for looking.

Need help  Building yours?  Call us at 1-800-488-2022   or   Email Tentrax.

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These are the best camping trailer options and accessories in the market. Look at the individual product lines and see the images for yourself. Note the quality that goes into each option and accessory. Then read about each product and you will begin to understand how committed Tentrax is at carrying on the Tentrax tradition of superior in quality and abundance in quantity. Don't forget to create your Free Tentrax estimate too. Tentrax has a trailer and model that fits all budgets that include your future camping plans.



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Last updated on February 24, 2018