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Take a look at the only Terrain Rated® Jeep Rubicon Off Road A/T camping trailer and see how it is designed, engineered, and specifically built for the tough off road conditions like the Rubicon trail. This off road  trailer has been extremely popular over the years and this year is no exception. Look at the Max Coupler,  it's part of the Off-Road Package  that also includes the Tongue Extension which extends the trailer's tongue an additional 33 inch longer. See how easily it fits into the 2 inch tongue receiver.

See how the complete trouble-free articulation exchange system converts your campsite into a 90 degree corner privacy area. With the flexibility and articulation, your Tentrax will get to off road locations others can only dream about. Lightweight at just 600 lbs,  and perfect for that adventure to those remote off road camp sites.

Below are a few of the options   you want to look at before getting started on   "Building Your Own" Free online Jeep Camper estimate:

  •   Tent and Bed — for sleeping in a comfortable bed off the ground under cover
  •   Torflex Axle — see the 1,400 lb axle or look at the capability of the much larger 2,200 lb


Look at the tough off road capability of the Tentrax and you'll see that most other off road camping trailers are much heavier and have far less clearance under the axle when you need it most. The Tentrax trailer has over 20 inches of extreme ground clearance available under the  Skid Plate when you add the optional  6 inch Lift or 8 inch lift to your trailer. That's what you'll need if you want us to install 35 inch tires and larger on your trailer.

The Jeep Rubicon off road camping trailer is made from the same material that boats and airplanes are made from to withstand the pressure and stress of off road trail abuse.


Prior year's trend of matching Jeep Rubicon wheels, tires, and the trailer's paint color to the Jeep Rubicon is likely to continue this year as well. You can see from the variety of images on our website that this has been our most popular features of the Jeep trailer trends.

Take a look at the other Jeep Trailers for the  Jeep Sahara,   Jeep Liberty,   Jeep Cherokee,   or  Jeep Wrangler.    If you don't see a model or color you like, just give us a call at 1-800-488-2022 and we will help you build a Free online estimate just for you. Or, simply email us at Tentrax.

Look at these Jeep Camper  options  and   accessories  to add to your trailer estimate.

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These off-road trailer options and accessories are the most requested products that customer's ask for in the Tentrax Rubicon trailer. Tentrax, since 2001 continues to be the builder of the best Off-Road Trailer products. You will discover that Tentrax set the high standard in best practice for building Rubicon trailers.



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Last updated on May 28, 2018