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This Honda CRV trailer has been an extremely popular camping trailer partly because it is so versatile.   Clearly, it gives you the freedom to go anywhere so you can really enjoy the great outdoors.   Lightweight,  just 600 lbs,  for that perfect cross-country adventure and that road-side campground.

Below are a few options to get started on a  Honda Trailer  estimate:

  •   Tent and Bed — for sleeping off the ground under cover
  •   Dry Box — for additional watertight and lockable storage


Tentrax makes this Terrain Rated®  light-weight camper trailer and specialize in providing high performance, yet sleek looking fiberglass tent trailers. The Boulevard model is easily towed by smaller vehicles that have low towing capability.

This Honda Tent Trailer can instantly convert any small vehicle to be camping ready within 5 minutes from turning off the engine to your car and laying down inside the Tentrax tent trailer. That is just how long it takes to set-up the trailer for camping. There are plenty of  options  and  accessories  to choose from too.

Important characteristics you will need to consider in choosing from among the light-weight tent trailers available in today's market is performance, durability, and flexibility.   The Tentrax Boulevard does all three of these and more for being a light-weight tent trailer.

The Tentrax is made of harden fiberglass that stands up extremely well against the natural elements and all kinds of weather. It has a 5 ft. x 8 ft. sleeping area that is comfortable for sleeping 2 adults. Although the trailer is compact in size for towing by smaller vehicles, it is plenty roomy to accommodate all kinds of items you want to carry with you in the cargo area to one of your favorite camping spots.   You can easily access your camping gear in the 30 cubic feet of storage space while the tent and bed is erected or access your gear while inside the tent's sleeping area.


Honda CRV  trailers have a sculpted style and shape that incorporates the same smooth corners of the Honda vehicles.

Each Honda CRV Trailer is custom built by teams and experts to ensure that every detail of the trailer matches customers overall expectation, as well as, minor details. Important considerations include the painting of the trailer to the vehicle's paint code, tires,  wheels,  and  fender .

View the options  and the  accessories and build your own Free Honda trailer estimate yourself.

Here are more Honda Trailers that might interest you, they are: the   Honda Element,  and the   Honda Ridgeline.    Need help with   Building yours,   call us at 1-800-488-2022 or Email. Otherwise, continue with your research about the Tentrax trailer by reading the details of some of these options and accessories below.

View Example Invoices  or  Other Vehicles


Look for the best in trailer options and accessories when it comes to owning your next camping trailer. There are plenty of images that go along with each of the items below which also offers clear descriptions and explanations as well. After you have had a chance looking the items over, be sure to try the build your own feature on our website to give you an idea how a Tentrax fits into your budget and camping plans. Take all the time you need.



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Last updated on February 24, 2018