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People Love Tentrax - - - Here is Why!

The trip home from Eugene was wonderful (no rain!) and everything about the trailer went as planned.  We took a leisurely 4 day/night trip back to So Cal and the trailer worked as advertised. The first two nights we pulled into campgrounds late and had to set up in the dark, which proved to be no problem at all. Even having never setting it up before it went very easy. We even got a chance to try the tent heater. Worked great! Furthermore, the trailer was everything you said it was and very high quality.

Larry & Leanne Holtzen  
Seal Beach, CA

Tentrax Matched to Jeep Rubicon
Tentrax SUT matched to
Jeep Rubicon

We pulled the Tentrax to the 10th Annual Camp Jeep in  VA.  All the other Jeepers pulled along side of us to  check out the Tentrax (it's not easy having a conversation going 55 mph down the highway). We have many other trips planned with the Tentrax this year and can't wait to go trekking with it again. It tracks so well we forget it's even back there. That is, until we get to our destination and I remember just how much gear you can store in the Tentrax. We pack everything in it but the kitchen sink!  We truly enjoy our
Tentrax. Thanks for making such a great product!

The Mills Family
Richmond, VA

Tentrax Matched to Jeep Wrangler Sahara
Tentrax SUT matched to
Jeep Wrangler Sahara

I recently entered my 2001 Jeep Cherokee & the Tentrax at a truck show last weekend and a lot of spectators inquired of the Tentrax trailer. I hope that you have received inquiries of potential customers and I hope that business is booming for you. I have lots of off-road trips planned this year including Camp Jeep which will take place this coming August in the Santa Inez Mountains in Southern CA. In November, I'll be heading out towards Death Valley and the Mojave Desert . What will make this adventure as well as all adventures complete is the fact that I know that I have a reliable sport-utility trailer which will provide room to carry the necessary safety equipment & trail essentials and at the same time provide the shelter especially when it comes to setting up camp in very primitive / desolated areas. It's a very good feeling to know that the Jeep and the Tentrax is a perfect combination, especially when venturing onto the wilderness to explore the wonders nature has to offer and also considering the fact that I have a “self-contained” vehicle. Again, I commend you for making a very fine sport-utility trailer. Nothing else comes close!! Happy trails!!!

Daly City, CA

Tentrax Matched to XJ Jeep Cherokee
Tentrax SUT matched to
XJ Jeep Cherokee

We have now spent a dozen nights in our Tentrax. Every trip gets easier and setup is such a breeze! We even set it up yesterday to take a nap in a meadow!

We have found that camping is so much nicer when you remove the work portion. No more hassles with the tent poles and the dirty, hard ground! On a trip recently to the Coast, we watched our fellow campers spend over an hour getting their camp set up. We were set up in maybe fifteen minutes, and then we sat and enjoyed a brandy and their struggles. That weekend we spent four nights out and set up camp in three different places without much effort!

We have been on two Search and Rescue missions with our Tentrax. The guys from the next County couldn't believe that we were going to sleep in that "little trailer!" And I am surprised how well it tows behind the Jeep. Oh, and the little bitty places that I have gotten it into, and out of! No motor homes where we go....

Greg Gormley
Red Bluff, California

Tentrax Matched to Jeep Wrangler
Tentrax SUT matched to
Jeep Wrangler

We have just returned from an over 3,000 mile trip which took us and our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon to Moab for some off roading, then on to Colorado to visit my son and family, then back through Dinosaur monument, Flaming Gorge, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Virginia City, Montana. In 13 days of travel we slept in the Tentrax every night. The vehicle tracked flawlessly, and we hardly knew it was behind us. Set up and tear down was a cinch every time. The workmanship in the trailer is really first class. The tent, itself, took us through a night of heavy rain and wind. We didn't have the fly, but the fabric was water proof and we didn't get a drop inside. In Grand Teton the temperature went down to 20 degrees and we woke up with frost all over the outside of the tent. Again, we were warm and dry inside. During our travels,many people came up to admire the red wrangler-tentrax combo.

Jim and Carole Maynard
Seattle, WA

Tentrax Matched to Jeep Rubicon
Tentrax SUT matched to
Jeep Rubicon

Just thought you would like to know we had a great weekend with our Tentrax. We arrived about 2:30 in the afternoon and set up in no time. We didn' t even make it in the gate and someone was already asking me about the trailer. I notice people with Jeeps taking double takes as I drive down the road too. I would say the weekend went better then expected and I have high expectations.

Layne and Lori
Vacaville, CA.

Tentrax matched to Jeep TJ with 4 inch Lift
Tentrax SUT matched to
Jeep TJ w/ 4" Lift

What a great time we've had using our trailer. This was a great investment for our trip to Alaska. Many nights along the Alaskan Highway we did not know where or when we would be able to stop. It was great to be able to set up our tent in five minutes or less. The trailer was always comfortable even in the strong wind and rain we had at Mt. McKinley. We really enjoyed having all the extra storage space. Our supplies stayed dry and dust free on the Alaskan Highway. We're glad we got the racks also. They came in handy for carrying extra gas and our daughter's bike. We are looking forward to taking our trailer to Yellowstone and using it much more in the future.

The Colton's
Marysville, WA

Tentrax Matched to Jeep Wrangler
Tentrax SUT matched
to Jeep Wrangler

"I knew this was going to be a high quality unit, but it turned out way more than I expected! Unbelievable!"

Bill Senger
Somerville, New Jersey

Tentrax Matched to Ford King Ranch Pickup
Tentrax SUT matched to
Ford "King Ranch" pickup

"We took our Tentrax trailer home through Utah and Colorado, and people everywhere would stop and ask us about it. My wife was so proud she finally took over telling them about it. It's Great!"

John Williams
Brownsville, Texas

Tentrax Match to Toyota TDR Pickup
Tentrax SUT matched to
Toyota "TRD" pickup

...since we took delivery of the Tentrax All-Terrain, I can honestly say that I have never been so impressed by a single product. And after several months of regular abuse without a single problem, I can also say that I don't think that it could be built any better. It is refreshing to see a company put so much effort and enthusiasm into a product. This is the type of product that begs people to get off their butts and get outdoors.

Clint Walker
Tustin, California

Tentrax Matched to Land Rover Defender 90
Tentrax SUT matched to
Land Rover "Defender 90"

. . . Because I live to flyfish all over in the Northwest, this trailer lets me extend "Life". An extra day here and there, rested, doing what I enjoy, where I enjoy it, only a Tentrax trailer could provide.

Grayson Michael
Portland, Oregon

Tentrax Matched to Jeep Liberty
Tentrax SUT matched to
Jeep "Liberty"

By profession and as an enthusiast, I consider myself a hard-core off-road fanatic. Moreover I have been traveling and camping as long as I can remember, I'm always looking for the perfect camping set-up and I think I have found it-the Tentrax! It's in my job to either give the thumbs up or thumbs down while rating and testing these new products. This trailer rates off the scale as far as dependability, sturdiness, storage place, quality, and most of all off-road handling. I have to say that it's with great excitement in reporting to you that I was completely amazed at the agility and toughness of the Tentrax trailer.

Kevin McNulty
Off-Road Magazine
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