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The A/T Off Road Trailer is affectionately referred to as a Jeep Wrangler Trailer, is our most popular model. The off road tent trailer body is made of fiberglass. All models manufactured today are heavy duty yet  lightweight  in construction  providing easy towing and easy Set-Up. Other Tentrax models include the  Boulevard   and the CargoPac.

The  Boulevard  is the camp ground trailer lover's dream.   That's because these campground trailers  set up in minutes  and allows you to go across the country spending one night here and there or longer if you choose.

The  CargoPac  provides the SUV lover with all the added  storage room  that SUV camping trailers were designed for.   Whether for the convenience of camping at paved campsites or well off the beaten path, these  lightweight   camping trailers offers unmatched simplicity and comfort.   Tentrax®  multi-use capabilities and versatility are what make these off road trailer models the ultimate in adventure sports trailers.

Tentrax®  manufactures these pop up tent trailers to match just about any vehicle; everything from  Jeep Wrangler Trailers  and  FJ Cruiser Trailers  to  Subaru Trailers  or Nissan Trailers   or any of today's SUV camping trailers.   "Rubbernecking" is guaranteed where ever your Tentrax®  trailer takes you. Tentrax can even match the wheels and tires on your trailer to match those on your vehicle and your  vehicle's paint color too.  


Within minutes , anyone can quickly set up these  lightweight  tent trailers and still have access to all their gear stored conveniently away in the trailer's tub without interfering with the sleeping area compartment.   A/T Off Road Trailers are designed and built as the ultimate in off road tent trailers.   For Backcountry camping adventures or weekend campground trips, these tent trailers are sure to bring you unforgettable family camping moments.

Through superior engineering, these  lightweight  camping trailers have become known as the standard for the off road trailer industry due to their unique fiberglass trailer engineering and design.   Although known for their off road trailer ability, these 4X4 trailers are also known to be extremely tough, durable, compact, with their bulletproof design and water-tight characteristics.

Rack systems  can provide options for carrying additional camping gear, bicycles, kayaks or even an ATV sport toy.   Say goodbye to "problem" camping! Your Tentrax® camping experience is sure to bring you an abundance of memorable campsite or 4x4 trail stories that focus on the FUN!


Backcountry enthusiast love these 4x4 off road Tentrax® trailers because they have the most stylish simple design available in the today's Off Road market.   The unsurpassed quality and precision of the Tentrax®  cargo trailer  makes it the off road industry standard that was built to last a lifetime; a big step up from the conventional pop up trailer.   Today's models include:

  •   Cargo Trailers (C - CargoPac) - for those with lots of camping or cargo gear

Look at a Tentrax® for adventures. Build your Tentrax estimate now and see what it's worth to you. Email Tentrax  or phone 1-800-488-2022 to speak with their friendly staff.



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Last updated on September 16, 2016