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The CargoPac is offered as a cargo trailer for hauling all your camping or hunting gear utilizing the trailer's Front Rack, the Tongue Rack, the top rack, and the trailer's interior Cargo Area.   This Terrain Rated cargo trailer, like all of Tentrax®  Trailers comes in a variety of optional Colors including matching any automobile paint color.

The  optional Tent and Bed  can be added to the CargoPac at a later time if you choose not to purchase it initially. This can also be said of any number of the other options and accessories.   That's why you can begin with the basic CargoPac then upgrade with your choice of any of the  Options,  or any of the  Accessories.   You can try Building Yours to get an idea of what I mean.


65 lbs tongue weight makes towing capable by any small economy car
Custom Painted Trailer with up to 37" tires using a  6 or 8 inch Lift
Low profile stance to accommodate today's custom rims
Rack Systems to carry bikes and gear for that weekend get-a-way

Tentrax®  manufactures both on and off road trailers. Pull your Tentrax with a   Jeep Wrangler,   a FJ Cruiser,   a Jeep Rubicon, or a Subaru Outback. Tentrax guarantees to deliver a lifetime of enjoyable camping adventures.

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Last updated on October 21, 2016