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Look at these Boulevard camping trailer images above and see for yourself how easily these trailers are towed by today's smaller compact cars. Then take a look and see what happens when you are ready to make the move from tent camping to tent trailer camping. Consider that the Tentrax®  is a heavy-duy yet lightweight  tent trailer that easily sets-up in under 5 minutes to help you make this transition. The      

Other Tentrax models include the universally well known A/T Off Road Trailer and the Tentrax CargoPac  which provides plenty of  storage room  that SUV lovers want in a camping trailer. So selecting the right trailer for your own particular camping needs while matching your vehicle's towing capabilities ensures the perfect match of both tent trailer function and vehicle capability.

This is exactly what the makers of the only Terrain Rated®  lightweight trailer has done.   Tentrax specializes in building high performance, sleek looking, fiberglass tent trailers. Look at the pictures at the top of the page and you'll see how Tentrax has also focused on the lower towing capacities of today's smaller vehicles such as; Subaru, 4Runner, SUV's, and minivans. The Boulevard uses a simple easy hitch with a 2 inch ball coupling.

The advantage of owning a Tentrax®   is the ability to add other options to match your personal type of outdoor excursion.   Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  •   Tent and Bed — for sleeping off the ground under cover
  •   Dry Box — for additional watertight and lockable storage

Here is a link to other options and accessories to choose from too.

The Boulevard tent trailer can instantly convert any small to mid-size vehicle to be ready for the great American outdoors.   With so many options and accessories to choose from, its easy to create your own camping trailer or choose one of our already designed models.


Important characteristics that need to be considered in selecting a lightweight tent trailer are versatility, performance, and durability.   The Boulevard is a Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tent Trailer compact enough for small tow vehicles, yet roomy enough to accommodate everything you need to bring.   One highlight of the Boulevard is the 30 cubic foot storage area that is accessible from inside the sleeping area.

The performance of the boulevard can be summed up as follows:  easy tent and bed set-up (see Video),  Torflex Axle for strength and a smooth ride, waterproof tent and bed materials, trailer weight of less than 600 lbs, easy handling capability, and overbuilt custom-made components.

All Tentrax®  trailers are durable and overbuilt using only the best components and finest materials available.   The tents are custom hand-made using superior waterproof fabrics, and all other Tentrax®  manufacturing processes are quality control inspected at each step in production.


A popular trend when selecting a travel trailer is to consider its aesthetic style.   Tentrax®  trailers have long used a sculpted style and shape that do not look like a clunky box.   Only Tentrax®  manufactures tent trailers and cargo trailers that incorporate smooth rounded automotive lines in its design.

With the investment made into purchasing a camping trailer, why not have it look good and express the same class, originality, and distinction as the tow vehicle.   Each Boulevard is custom-built by a team of experts to match the vehicle's paint color, tires, wheel size, and fenders if necessary in order to bring out that brilliance of a showroom package while suiting the low profile look of today's automobiles.

You can learn more about the Boulevard camper and the other tent and cargo trailers by viewing the Video, the Off Road A/T, or CargoPac, or go directly to "Build Yours" and create your own estimate.   You can also call Tentrax®  at 1-800-488-2022 to discuss your ideas.

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