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Jeep Magazine Reviews about Tentrax Off Road Trailers

Tentrax Reviews and Articles

Land Rover Magazine Cover about Tentrax TrailersSitting along the river’s edge, my wading boots now act as a headrest; my net now acts as a cooler holding a few beers in the cold waters I’ve been fishing. Watching the evening caddis hatch, the water erupts beneath an emerging bug. A chance for new life, a chance to fly away and live again, now gone in an instant as another Madison rainbow rolls on the surface. “This is the life, ain’t it?” Kevin says, tapping my shoulder with an open whiskey flask.

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Jeep Ad Cover about Tentrax TrailersUnmatched simplicity, lightweight, compact size and bulletproof design offer an ease of use like no other. The off-ground tent and bed set up in seconds, stowing away in the lid, with 24 cu. ft. of gear-storage in the tub.

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Jeep Cover article about Tentrax TrailersChoose your own adventure... Wherever. Tentrax is the one off-road tent trailer built rugged enough to be pulled behind your Jeep on or off the trail. Tow Anywhere. Over Anything.



4 Wheel Magazine cover for Tentrax TraielerWe've seen plenty of engine swaps over the years, but nothing compares to the refined conversion American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) is now completing on its 5.7L Hemi Wranglers.

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4 Wheel Drive Magazine with Tentrax Trailer newsShort-Wheelbase 4X4x may have a lot of trail-worthy advantages, but as camping rigs they leave a bit to be desired. It doesn't take much to fill one full of gear, especially if you're carrying more than one passenger. Racks add cargo capacity, but space on a rack is limited too. And racks leave your gear vulnerable to rain, dust, and mud. There is another option: an off-road trailer.

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4WD Magazine Cover with Tentrax Trailer news insideFor my wife and me, the options for traveling in our '95 Land Rover Defender 90 have always been limited by how creatively we could pack all our gear. If we loaded too much on the roof rack, we risked compromising the handling by compressing the suspension and changing the center of gravity. And with an ARB fridge and a Powertank sitting in the back of the rig, what little space we had inside was effectively gone.

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City Sports Magazine Cover with Tentrax Trailer articleMove over, pop-up camper trailer — a new sport utility trailer has arrived. Introducing Tentrax, a Eugene, Oregon-based company that offers a complete line of custom-built trailers to haul you and your gear — and give you a comfortable place to sleep.

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Difflock Magazine Cover - See Tentrax Trailers articleThe initial concept was to build a "tub" that was not only lightweight, but very rugged and durable. This meant rethinking the basics of fiberglass fabrication and critical selection of all construction materials.

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