White Painted Gel Coat Trailers-Tentrax
White Gel Coat White Gel Coat White Gel Coat White Gel Coat White Gel Coat White Gel Coat

Tentrax Trailers are available in any custom painted color for $895 before discounts or white as shown in these pictures for $395 before discounts.    These white trailers provide a simple yet classy look especially when accented with the black fender flares.   These trailers are an extremely good value and have the same high quality look and features as the  custom painted trailers.



Tentrax white gel coat painted trailer bodies are constructed and fabricated of hand laid-up fiberglass by our team of professionals.   Fiberglass is highly resistant to any type of chemical action and accepts paint applications easily. This is the same material that boat hulls and airplanes are made from. Fiberglass will not age or corrode. It is extremely strong, and has great impact strength, yet is flexible enough to be molded into any contour. It has much higher strength than mild steel but twice the torsional flexibility. Unlike steel, it won't rust and its field serviceability is quick and easy, resulting in an "as new" appearance; not a wrinkle, dent, or welded eyesore. You will appreciate this superior construction with a Tentrax.

The Tentrax process begins with a fiberglass body that is built in an open mold. The white gel coat and paint is applied onto the molded surface. This is the final finish of the body unless it is to be custom painted later. After the white gel coat has cured, fiberglass is sprayed on the mold interior, and then rolled down and the air voids removed. Next, core matt and wood reinforcement are added before more fiberglass is over laid to make a very strong and durable trailer body shell. After the curing process is complete the body is removed from the mold, trimmed and polished.

The bodies of these Tentrax Trailers are then lined with a flexible rubber gasket to ensure a tight seal when closing the lid. A protective and decorative seal is also affixed to the rim of the lid adding to its richness. This heavy duty plastic lid trim ensures smooth rounded corners and eliminates any sharp edges. Everything about this Tentrax is overbuilt from start to finish, and it really shows in its craftsmanship.

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Last updated on October 16, 2016