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Matching Factory or After-Market Wheels and Tires to your Tentrax is what gives that show-room look.   No matter what vehicle you plan on towing your trailer,  the Tentrax professionals are in the business of offering you matching wheels and tires at very good rates for your approval.   Specialty wheel and tire packages are not a problem either.   With our large network of suppliers, we can quote and install these easy to find combinations and any aftermarket special order.   Please  Email Tentrax  or call their friendly staff at  1-800-488-2022  to discuss your particular needs.



The Factory and Aftermarket Wheel and Tire package is a good choice for those wanting show room looks with the ability to use the vehicle's spare on the trailer in the event of a flat.

Factory Wheels and Tires:

When you choose to match the Factory Wheels and Tires from your tow vehicle to your Tentrax trailer, we are experts at sourcing these wheel and tire packages. Our specialists use your vehicle's VIN number, along with photos of your rig, to guarantee an identical match in wheel make, finish, offset, tire and wheel brand, and size. We even ensure the correct center cap and any special lug nuts upon request. We have experience matching OEM packages for combinations like the Jeep Rubicon's BF Goodrich® Mud Terrain tires on 17-inch Moab Cast Aluminum wheels. We install tires from an unlimited number of manufacturers like Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, and Continental to name few. We also work with all vehicle OEM's like Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, VW, and Subaru to get the exact wheels.

After-Market Wheels and Tires:

If you have chosen to deck out your tow vehicle in one of the unlimited number of Aftermarket Wheel and Tire offerings, Tentrax can match the trailer wheel and tires to your particular configuration. By using exact part numbers and photos, we contact a number of sources for the identical wheel and tires for the trailer. Through our carefully selected network of suppliers, we are adept at getting hard to find combinations in a timely fashion at competitive rates. Whether it is Pro Comp wheels and tires, American Racing, American Eagle wheels, or others, we have experience in working with all these major brands.

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Last updated on October 16, 2016