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The heavy duty Trailer Tongue Rack is one of four trailer racks specifically designed for off road trailers.   The others include the  front rack  and  top rack.   The Tongue Rack measures 28 inches long and 18 inches wide and is securely mounted to the trailer tongue.   The Tongue Rack was designed primarily to hold the  lockable aluminum dry box  perfectly in place but it is also useful for other equipment like a  freezer/refrigerator,  12 volt battery,  and aluminum propane tank.



The Tongue rack securely attaches to the frame in front of the front cargo rack rather than being a receiver mounted rack system. The Tongue Rack serves two purposes. First, as an additional cargo rack, and second, as the carrier for the lockable aluminum dry box. Most commonly it is used with the aluminum dry box. Although shorter in length than the front rack, it is just as useful when it comes to cargo storage and having your gear arrive at your destination intact.

All Tentrax Racks are precision manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machines. These cargo racks are built to high quality specifications. The Tongue Rack, as well as, the other racks are overbuilt to withstand even the severest of conditions and minimize the chance of damage. Both the front rack and Tongue Rack are constructed entirely of heavy gauge, 1/8 inch steel. Finally, all the cargo rack carriers are powder coated to provide protection against the elements and resist rust. The satin-gloss black powder coat finish adds to the sleek, classy, and professional look that Tentrax trailers are known for.

Remember, the Tongue Rack is always a good choice when using your Tentrax for camping on or off road or when taking a long road trip. This Tongue Rack system will also make your travels a lot more convenient by providing easy access to frequently used items on the tongue rack, and not buried somewhere inside your vehicle or trailer. The Tongue Rack provides convenient hold down slots on all 4 sides, allowing for the utmost flexibility and ease in securing cargo with Tentrax tie down straps.

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Last updated on April 7, 2017