Skid Plate on Tent Trailer
Skid Plate on Tent Trailer Skid Plate on Tent Trailer Skid Plate on Tent Trailer Skid Plate on Tent Trailer Skid Plate on Tent Trailer Skid Plate on Tent Trailer

This Off Road Trailer Skid Plate is Built for Off Road Trailers.   It doesn't matter whether you like an occasional weekend trail ride or you prefer the hard core off-road rock crawling.   Either way, this off road 4x4 steel skid plate will provide your Off Road Trailer's undercarriage with 100% protection from the rigors of mild trails to extreme off road rock crawling.



The Tentrax skid plate is specifically designed for the  A/T Off Road Trailer  and  CargoPac Trailer. This off road skid plate has gone through numerous days of intense, rigorous, off road testing to ensure product durability and strength. Skid Plates are formed from steel and affixed to the underside of the trailers to prevent damage to key components and trailer structures in the undercarriage. Skid plates are also known as body armor due to their intense abilities to withstand the most extreme off road punishment. Skid Plates are engineered to allow the trailer to slide over obstacles and provide maximum protection. Without this protection, the axle and the underside of the trailer body could be damaged by large rocks, boulders, and other obstacles typically found on off-road trails.

Each skid plate is constructed of top quality,  heavy duty,  3/16 inch plate steel to ensure the strength necessary for adverse circumstances off road. The skid plate is powder coated with a semi-gloss finish that provides excellent corrosion resistance and allows easy touch up with black spray paint after Rock crawling. Additionally, because our skid plate is custom made for the Tentrax trailer, it is easily bolted onto the frame with grade 5, inch hardware and requires no drilling or modifications.

Tentrax uses 3D computer modeling in designing each of it's steel fabricated parts prior to actual manufacturing - including the off road skid plate. A CNC press is used to mold and shape the steel. All of the steel components are MIG welded by certified welders for maximum strength using jig fixtures to guarantee a precise fit. Each skid plate is examined for blemishes after fabrication and welding to confirm precision thickness and dimensions prior to applying a black powder coating finish to each plate. Final quality control inspections take place after fabrication and again before installation on the trailer.

This skid plate is the very best undercarriage protection you can have!

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Last updated on April 7, 2017