Rubber Mat for Tent Trailers
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The foam rubber mat is custom fitted to the floor of Tentrax trailers and offers greater protection to the interior of the trailer body from heavy and sharp gear.   It provides excellent traction so that objects in the trailer do not easily slide around.   Additionally,  the Heavy Duty Foam Rubber Mat protects gear that might be carelessly thrown into the trailer by providing a cushioned surface.



No matter which model you choose from,  A/T Off-Road,  Boulevard,  or the  CargoPac,  these heavy duty foam rubber mats fit perfectly to the floor of the trailer to cushion blows to fragile items tossed in the trailer tub. As with all Tentrax  options  and  accessories,  the foam rubber mat is overbuilt for its use. It is made from 1/2 inch foam rubber. The traction of the surface of the mat grips easily. Campers find it extremely useful in these lightweight tent trailers and Hunters use it in their CargoPac utility trailers too.

These rubber mats also make great door mats and safety mats if you want to remove them from the trailer and use them at your evening campsite. In addition, caring for your mat is as easy as can be. Simply remove the mat from the bottom of the trailer and use a damp cloth over the surface. For a more thorough cleaning, simply wash with soap and water, or use a broom and hose to keep your mat looking as clean as new. Common household cleaner can also be used.

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Last updated on April 7, 2017