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Heavy Duty Round Lights are stylish 4 inch tail lights that function like any other tail light found on today's cars and trucks and include all wiring necessary to operate the turn signals,  running lights for night driving,  and brake lights.   These trailer lights are recessed and appear virtually flush against the trailer body,  protecting the lights from impact.   Additionally,  these tail lights are sealed and are mounted in rubber grommets to keep moisture out.   LED round lights are also available.



Knowing the pounding tail lights can take on the road, these heavy-duty round tail lights are designed to take the abuse of any type of road conditions. The lights are made with a polycarbonate base and acrylic lens. This is a super-tough, high-impact plastic that's impervious to heat generated by the bulb and any damage resulting from typical road use. Additionally, the lamp housing is hermetically sealed to keep road dirt, dust, and moisture out of the lamp. Connections are plated to resist corrosion and internally soldered to extend the round light product's life. These tail lights are SAE approved STIP coded and meet or exceed DOT FMVSS requirements.

These Heavy-duty round tail lights are simple, effective, and inexpensive. They are recessed mounted and are flush with the trailer body. This particular design ensures that the lights do not stick out and are not easily damaged. They are the most popular lightweight trailer lights used in the manufacture of today's pop up trailers and blend in nicely when trying to match the Tentrax to any tow vehicle.

Round Light Wiring:

All of the Off Road Trailer's electrical system is wired through a main pigtail. This system allows electrical wiring to be matched perfectly to your vehicle's electrical system, regardless of which vehicle you own. Choose from among three different types of electrical connectors; flat 4-way plug, round 6-way plug, or 7-way plug; all are available and included with installation of Heavy-Duty Round lights. Please  Email Tentrax  or call their friendly staff at  1-800-488-2022  to discuss your particular needs. A 7-way electrical connecter plug is required for all trailers having electrical brakes installed.

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Last updated on April 7, 2017