Max Coupler
Tongue Receiver Ball Coupler Electrical Pigtail Flat 4-way 6-way 7-way Pigtail

The Tentrax Off Road Trailer Package is for off road trailers. This package is the only Terrain Rated®   off road trailer package on the market.   Built for Off Road use and off road tent trailers. It consist of 6 main components.   First, the interchangeable tongue receiver.   Second, the removable on road towing ball coupler.   Third, the Max Coupler with it's rotating head and swivel articulating action in the hitch.   Fourthly, the removable 33" tongue extension designed for a variety of uses with the other exchange system parts.   Fifthly, Safety Chain and safety hooks that function with both the off road tongue and the tongue extension.  Lastly, the removable combination electrical bracket plug and off road trailer pigtail. That's the complete exchange system.



This off road trailer package is exactly what you want if you own an off road trailer. The articulating 360 Degree Kilby Off-Road Max Coupler pintle system is what allows the off-roading community to venture far off the beaten path. This is the best off road trailer articulating pintle hitch available for off road trailers.

Interchangeable Tongue Receiver - THE EXCHANGE SYSTEM

The driving force in designing the Terrain Rated®  off road trailer package was to provide three powerful alternative involving one off road trailer tongue. This triple action feature is available whether you pull your Tentrax on road or off road. This off road trailer tongue system is suited for rugged off road Terrain Rated®   conditions and it can be used with or without the tongue extension and with or without the max coupler engaged. Yes, go from using one system to another in seconds by simply changing out the off road tongue accessories. That's what THE EXCHANGE SYSTEM is all about and it takes only seconds using the removing hitch pin. Go ahead, use the removable 2" ball coupler for general trailer towing whether you use it with or without the tongue extension engaged.

Tongue Extension - For 90 Degree Angles

The Tongue Extension gives you some options when you might need it. Like the 90 degree turning ability or 90 degree parking. Nearly 3 feet in length it makes a big difference when you need it. Install in seconds. Interchanges with all other components of the Off Road Package. Sold separately for older Tentrax models. Built for the off road trailer tongue system. Can be used with or without the max coupler and with or without the 2" ball coupler engaged.

MAX COUPLER - Off Road Trailer Articulating Pintle Hitch

Precision engineered with solid steel construction, this coupler hitch is designed for the off-road trailer enthusiast.

Removable 2 Inch Ball Coupler

The removable 2 inch ball coupler is just that. It is used to tow off road cargo trailers on highways, on gravel roads, or to off road access points. The removable 2 inch ball coupler can be removed in a matter of seconds when you wish to convert the tongue to the Off Road Trailer Pintle Hitch. The removable ball coupler has limited mobility and therefore is not suited for rugged off-road Terrain Rated®  conditions because the trailer's ball coupler does not articulate. This is when you would convert to the pintle system.

Removable Electrical Bracket Plug and Pigtail

The removable combination electrical bracket plug and pigtail is ideal when taking these adventure sports trailers off road. Simply remove and store it in the dry box, cargo section, or the rear of your vehicle. This eliminates the possibility of entanglement in debris while traveling off road. When ready to travel on the highway again, simply plug it in. The pigtail is easily wired to the specific plug type required for your tow vehicle, whether a 4-way, 6-way or 7-way connector.

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Last updated on May 30, 2018