Body Armor Nerf Bars
Nerf Bars on Tent Trailer Nerf Bars on Tent Trailer Nerf Bars on Tent Trailer Nerf Bars on Tent Trailer Nerf Bars on Tent Trailer Nerf Bars on Tent Trailer

Nerf Bars are a must-have for Off Road Trailers or for that matter, any Tentrax.   These heavy duty steel bars are bolted onto both sides of Off Road Trailers just above the fender flares to provide protection to the paint and the tent trailer body.   They also add extra class and distinction to any Jeep trailer.   All Nerf bars are powder coated black to resist corrosion and to match the top rack,  frame,  front rack,  tongue rack,  and bumper,  giving the Tentrax both a stylish and rugged off road look.



Nerf Bars are tubular devices fitted, mounted, and bolted to each side of the Tentrax trailer body. Nerf bars serve a number of purposes but their primary function is for protection against unforeseen damage to the tent trailer and custom paint. The Nerf bars help protect the camp trailer against damage caused by debris, trees and tree limbs, large rocks and boulders, and other damaging objects encountered while traveling off road. They can even protect the trailer body from damage caused by rubbing against garage walls and other objects when parking and storing the trailer. The Nerf bars come in handy as grab bars when moving the tent trailer around or for balancing oneself when removing shoes or clothing. Some folks even use them as a hanging rack for dry clothes.

These popular but rugged Nerf Bars are not only used throughout the 4X4 trailers and off-road trailer industry but also by weekend campers who prefer this additional protection this is offered to off road trailers.

These Nerf bars have been engineered by our team of experts prior to any material entering into the manufacturing process. During each stage of the manufacturing cycle, the Nerf bars undergo a rigorous four point inspection by our highly trained and certified personnel to ensure uniformity. A final inspection of each Nerf bar takes place prior to carefully powder coating. Our department manager brings more than 30 years experience welding, working with steel and aluminum, and other metals.

These Nerf bars are made of high grade steel and are manufactured from .120 x 1 steel tubing. The tubing is measured to length prior to using an abrasive cutoff saw and then each piece is formed to the desired radius using a tube bender. Mounting bolts are then welded to radius tube ends for fastening to trailer bodies. A black gloss powder coating is then applied that helps protect the metal from the elements. The Nerf Bars are then carefully mounted to each side of Tentrax trailers.

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Last updated on June 19, 2018