Jeep Lights for Trailers
Jeep Lights Jeep Lights Jeep Lights Jeep Lights Jeep Lights Jeep Lights

Therecessed Jeep tail lights help customize Tentrax trailers by adding tons of Jeep distinction to the already popular Jeep camping trailer.   These Jeep tail lights make both your Jeep trailer and vehicle appear as a matching showroom pair.   These Jeep tail lights are Jeep OEM stop/tail/turn replacement lamps and are identical in looks, style, and function to those featured on the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Rubicon.   LED lights are also available upon request.



One of the easiest ways to customize your Jeep tent trailer or Tentrax cargo trailer is to add Jeep OEM tail lights to the Off Road trailer. Dollar for dollar, nothing changes the appearance of a trailer more than Jeep tail lights. Whether you own a Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Liberty, or another Jeep model, these Jeep lights are a must-have for all Jeep enthusiast wanting a perfectly matched off road camping trailer.

These lights are recessed into the trailer and include all necessary wiring which operates each turning signal, all lights including the license plate light, and of course lights for braking. These custom tail lights are basically flush up against the rear of the trailer's fiberglass body so that they do not appear to stick out. This gives a much cleaner look and appeal, as well as, decreasing the possibility of impact damage.

Knowing the pounding and vibration your lamps take off road, the recessed Jeep tail lights are designed to resist a great deal of impact damage while delivering trouble-free tail light functions. All Jeep tail-lights are constructed of a base of polycarbonate with an acrylic lens. It is tough high impact plastic which is impervious to heat that the bulbs generate and is resistance to damage that may result from rough off-road abuse. In addition, the housing of the lamps are sealed so that moisture and corrosion cannot reach the incandescent bulb. A sealed baseless bulb lamp and soldered connections also extend the product's life. The bulb's cradle mount helps alleviate shock and vibration that can negatively affect the bulb. The tail lights are also DOT certified and meet or exceed OEM tail light quality standards.

All trailer lighting and electrical systems are wired through the center steel tubing with a main electrical harness. This central main wiring allows the trailer's electrical system to perfectly match each vehicle's electrical system regardless of which vehicle you own. Normally, there are three different electrical connectors in use to select from; the 4-way flat, the 6-way round, and the round 7-way; any-one is included and will be installed with the installation of Jeep lights. A 7-way electrical connection is necessary with either the installation of the 12-volt power supply or the installation of Electrical Brake of both. Please  contact Tentrax  or call the friendly Tentrax staff at  1-800-488-2022  to go over any questions or concerns you have. Again, a 7-way electrical connecter plug is required for all trailers having electrical brakes or 12-volt electrical package installed.

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Last updated on April 7, 2017