Off Road Trailers-Custom Painted
Custom Painted Custom Painted Custom Painted Custom painted Custom Painted Custom Painted

Custom painted trailers are made from hand laid,  molded fiberglass and are available in unlimited colors to match any tow vehicle.   Using the paint code found on the inside driver's door of your vehicle, we can match the Tentrax to your vehicle color.   In most cases this paint code consists of a combination of 3 letters and numbers.



Tentrax custom painted trailers are manufactured with hand laid-up fiberglass prior to painting. Each trailer body is prepared according to our high fiberglass standards in the profession. Fiberglass can easily be painted using oil or water based paints. Fiberglass is strong, durable, easy to fabricate and mold, and will not rust or corrode. These are just some of the reason why airplanes and boat hulls are still being manufactured from fiberglass even after all these decade. Tentrax will also continue to built tough fiberglass off-road trailers using these same materials and techniques. You will appreciate the light-weight construction with a Tentrax, as well as, the solid hard as nails finish that fiberglass produces.

A few other steps take place after the curing process before the body is complete and ready to be removed from the mold, trimmed, polished, and custom painted with a clear coat finish. The process of manufacturing or fabricating a Tentrax fiberglass trailer body and lid built for off-road use is explained in detail by reading the trailer body product page. Although some of that information is repeated here, that page goes into greater detail about the manufacturing process while this page addresses the custom painting that takes place after the trailer bodies are completed and ready to be painted. Also, a layer of gel coat is applied onto the molded surface prior to painting trailer bodies.

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Last updated on November 18, 2016