All-Terrain Fender Flares
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These Fender Flares are an excellent choice in fender options.   Custom made to fit the Tentrax  A - A/T Off Road,  the  B - Boulevard,  or  C - CargoPac  models.    The black molded Fender Flares are made of heavy duty polypropylene and extend  3"  beyond the trailer's  side body.    These Fender flares help protect Trailers from damage,  accommodate larger wheels and tires,  and add to the sporty look of each Tentrax Trailers.



Looking for a more aggressive appearance for your Off Road Trailer to match your Jeep, FJ, Nissan, Hummer, or other SUV? Take a closer look at these sturdy Fender Flares made of tough, heavy duty polypropylene. These Fender Flares add width to the wheel openings of Tentrax trailers, extending 3" beyond the trailer's side body. This allows for the mounting of larger wheels and tires, up to 38", and the 6" lift kit.

The main reason for adding these Fender Flares to trailers is to provide protection. The Fender Flares protect the sides of Tentrax trailers from trees, rocks, mud, debris, and the walls of your garage. If you have larger wheels and tires installed on your Tentrax trailer, the Fender Flares prevent the wheels and tires from throwing dirt along the sides of your 4x4 trailer.

These polypropylene Fender Flares look impressive on all tent trailers and help create that customized look and feel that comes with the finest and most unique first-class tent and cargo trailer. The black Fender Flares are ideal for creating a mean Off Road Trailer look while giving more aggressive coverage for wheels and tires. Not only are the Fender Flares stylish for off roaders, but also their sleek, curved design, and black color provide that sporty look and contrast that seem to appeal to highway users as well.

These polypropylene Fender Flares are the best fender flares available for your tent trailer's application no matter what look you're going for. Polypropylene is a heavy duty plastic that has a high resistance to stress and cracking, incorporating both high tensile and high compression strength. This means that these Fender Flares are not easily damaged. Polypropylene can withstand high temperatures and resists most alkalis, acids, and solvents making it a great choice for off-roading in severe conditions.

Select these black Fender Flares to really complete your Tentrax 4x4 trailer look. Then choose from either the all-terrain tires with aluminum wheels,  or select the type of wheels and tires that match your vehicle.    Either way, these heavy duty Fender Flares will no doubt be the perfect fit for your Tentrax Trailer.

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Last updated on April 7, 2017