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The Trailer axle utilizes an independent torsion-type suspension that is built to carry up to 2,200 pounds of cargo or camping gear and offering up to 24 inches of ground clearance by using the optional  6 inch lift kit.   This particular 1,400 lb axle is recommended when adding the Tent and Bed option to any Tentrax Trailer model.   The other axle capable of larger weight loads is the  2,200 lb  Off Road Trailer Axle.   Please  Email Tentrax  or call their friendly staff at  1-800-488-2022  to discuss your particular needs.



Point 1:    In an effort to ensure that all of our products are overbuilt for their particular use, Tentrax has installed 3,500 lb rated hubs on all axles. Additionally, all axles are equipped with the E-Z Lube feature; the bearings can be periodically lubricated without removing the hubs from the axle. This feature consists of axle spindles that have been specially drilled and assembled with grease fittings in their ends. When grease is pumped into the E-Z lube fitting, it is channeled to the inner bearing and then flows back to the outer bearing and eventually back out the grease cap hole.

Point 2:    Except for periodic inspection of the fasteners used to attach the Torflex® axle to the frame, no other suspension maintenance is required on Torflex® axles. A separate manual is provided with the purchase of any Tentrax Trailer. The manual outlines the maintenance and inspection procedures necessary for brakes, hubs, bearings, seals, wheels and tires.

Points 3 & 4  can be seen at the bottom of the 2,200 lb axle page.

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Last updated on April 7, 2017