6 inch Lift on Trailer
6 inch lift w/FJ 6 inch lift w/Honda 6 inch lift w/Hummer All 3 Lifts 6 inch Lift w/Jeep 6 inch lift-Tentrax

This 6 inch lift may be just the thing you need if you have been looking to make room for big tires to fit within the wheel well of your trailer. If this 6 inch is not enough, there is an 8 inch lift that will surely do the trick. We will discuss more about the 8 inch later in this report. For now, lets just stick with talking about adding a few inches to our trailer frame so that there is more than enough room under the trailer using just a 6 inch lift. The 6 inch lift creates extra space around larger tires so that the tires will not rub up against either the polypropylene fenders or the custom fiberglass finders, depending on which may be installed on the trailer.  Keep in mind that Tentrax offer a variety of optional lifts to accommodate most situation. If the 2 inch4 inch,  6 inch, or the Tentrax 8 inch lift isn't enough, give Tentrax a phone call to discuss your particular requirements.


One of the images above shows three trailers. One is red, one is white, and one is blue. If you look closely you can probably be able to tell that they are not all equal in height. This is due to the different lift kits being used on each of the trailer. For example, the blue trailer was built using the 2 inch lift while the white trailer was built using the 6 inch lift,  and lastly, the red trailer was built using the 4 inch lift.   Of course, tire size will determine in most cases which lift to install on the trailer. Sometime, a taller lift will be used simply due to personal preference.


These 6 inch trailer lifts will be necessary when installing larger than 33 inch tires in order to provide ample clearance between tops of the tires and the trailer's wheel well and polypropylene fenders. They are called off road trailer lifts because these lifts are not normally used on highway trailers. Although this pair of 6 inch lifts will get your off road trailer high enough for large tires, it is still limited to tire sizes up to 35 inches height. The Tentrax eight (8) inch lift is used on trailers when tires exceed 35 inches but less than 38 inches. If you have tires taller than 38 inches to mount on your trailer, call Tentrax direct to discuss your specific requirements. You will also find that the trailer's profile will match the tow vehicle if the same wheels and tires are mounted on both rigs and lifts installed on the tow vehicle is not excessive for it's wheels.

Here are a few reasons for installing a 6 or 8 inch lift on your off road trailer to match the trailer profile to the tow vehicle:

Assuming that the same wheels and tires are on both vehicles, then the 1st reason for the use of either a 6 or 8 inch lift is for safety and handling. If the trailer's wheels and tires is at the same height as the tow vehicle then the trailer is forced to ride at the tow vehicle height which ensures a smoother ride, as well as, improved handling, safety,  That's because both rigs are an equal distance from the ground resulting in a smooth ride.  The 2nd reason is mostly for overall looks. When looking at both vehicles from the side, the two vehicles appear to be made for each other because they will look so similar.  The 3rd reason for installing 6 or 8 inch lifts on off road trailers is to ensure both wheel and tires are correctly centered within the trailer's wheel well and allowing for sufficient space and distance to avoid having the tires come in contact with the trailer's frame, fenders, or body.

Keep in mind that the overall benefit of selecting lifts in excess of standard requirements is that it offers greater flexibility in the event you decide to install even larger tires at a later date. In this case more is better!

Consider these lift heights when installing tires:


A pair of 4 inch lifts are recommended when trailer tires measure 32 to 34 inches

A pair of 6 inch lifts are recommended when trailer tires measure 34 and 35 inches

A pair of 8 inch lifts are recommended when trailer tires measure 36 to 38 inches

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Last updated on April 7, 2017