Image of a Tentrax Off Road Trailer with a 4 inch Lift Kit installed.
4 inch Lift-Jeep 4 inch Lift-FJ All 3 Lifts 4 inch Lift-Hummer 4 inch Lift-Jeep 4 inch Lift

Here is a quick and easy way to lift your trailer 4 inches so you can increase the space needed for bigger tires in the trailer's wheel well. Taller and shorter lifts are also available. Other lift sizes include: two inch,   six inch lift and  the eight inch lift. One of these optional lifts should be just right in most cases.


Included in one of the images above are three trailers. Each of the trailers in the image is built using a different lift height. Look closely and you will see that the blue trailer is the shortest which has a 2 inch lift installed. The tallest trailer is the white one which was built using a 6 inch lift. That leaves the medium height red trailer which was built using a 4 inch lift. Tire size usually determines which lift to install.


Normally, a 4 inch lift is all you want. It meets the need for most factory and after market tires that you might considered running on your trailer. This lift in combination with the standard tire height fits satisfactory within the height of the trailer's wheel.

Three reasons to match your trailer to your tow vehicle:

One, the profile and height of both the travel trailer and the vehicle pulling the trailer will improve both handling and safety.    Two, each vehicle will be nearly equal distance from the pavement or off road terrain offering an improved ride for each vehicle.   Three, if you're like most folks, the idea of having your trailer look as closely as possible to your tow vehicle makes all the difference in the world. However, the Tentrax trailer will handle and function beautifully whether you install factory wheels, custom wheels, or Tentrax stock wheels.  Finally, and the most important, is that the correct lift ensures an adequately distance between tire and trailer body to avoid the tire rubbing against the polypropylene fenders or custom fiberglass finders.

A lot of people do like to match their trailer's wheels and tires to their vehicle they most likely will be towing the trailer with while others prefer to use general tires and wheels such as the Tentrax All Terrain with Alloy Wheels which are nearly 30 inches in height. The choice is entirely personal but keep in mind that 30 inch tires only require a 2 inch lift while many Jeep, Toyota, and other vehicles use 32 inch tires and will need this 4 inch lift. Taller lifts simple offer greater flexibility in tires selection.

Here are trailer lift recommendations:

You will need a 2 inch lift if you plan to have tires installed that are between 26 inches in height to 30 inches

You will need a 4 inch lift if you plan to have tires installed that are between 31 inches in height to 32 inches

You will need a 6 inch lift if you plan to have tires installed that are between 33 inches in height to 35 inches

You will need an 8 inch lift if you plan to have tires installed that are between 36 inches in height to 37 inches

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Last updated on April 7, 2017