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For a simple and trouble free method for adding a few extra inches of lift to your Trailer,  to either allow room for larger tires or to match the profile of your vehicle,  the optional 2 inch,  4 inch,  or 6 inch lift  may be just right for you.


The picture above with the red, white, and blue Tentrax trailers will give you an idea where a couple of inches will change the height and look of your trailer.   The blue trailer has a 2 inch lift, the white trailer has a 6 inch lift,  and the red trailer has a 4 inch lift.   Oftentimes,  tire size dictates lift requirements.


Trailer Lifts are necessary to provide the required space between the trailer body and the top of your tires. Off road trailer Lifts allow the use of varying sizes of tires and wheels while at the same time, matching the profile of the trailer to the tow vehicle.

Matching the trailer profile to the tow vehicle is important for a several reasons:

First, matching the profile forces the trailer to travel level with the tow vehicle and ensures better handling and safer transport for each.    Second, both the tow vehicle and trailer will be an equal distance off the ground for a smoother ride.   Third, since your trailer is custom made to match your vehicle, you want the profile of both the vehicle and trailer's wheels and tires to be perfectly matched when viewing them from the side.   Finally, lifts ensure both wheel and tires are properly centered in the wheel well by providing the necessary height and center distance for trailer bodies.

Although many customers prefer to match their Tentrax trailers' wheels and tires to their personal towing vehicle, some choose to use the standard All Terrain Tires with Aluminum Alloy Wheels, which require only a 2 inch lift for the nearly 30 inch tires. However, the benefit of selecting lifts greater than what is required allows for more flexibility when choosing to install larger tires later. It's totally up to you!

Below are Standard lift recommendations:

2 inch lift - required with 26 inch to 30 inch tires

4 inch lift - required with 31 inch to 32 inch tires

6 inch lift - required with 33 inch to 35 inch tires

8 inch lift - required with 36 inch to 37 inch tires

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Last updated on April 7, 2017