Off Road Trailer 12 Volt Package
12 volt outlets 12 volt package 12 volt outlet fan and light combo optima battery 12 volt package

The 12 volt electrical package is comprised of a heavy duty Optima Battery with mounts,  Marinco 12 volt outlets,  combination 12 volt light and 12 volt fan for the tent and bed area,  a battery charge wire to the vehicle,  and all off road trailer electrical wiring.



The 12 volt electrical package is designed to allow the trailer to run various 12 volt accessories in order to provide for a more memorable and enjoyable camping experience. Various 12 volt appliances can be plugged into the trailer like the Engel 12 volt refrigerators or the light and fan combo.

Optima Battery

Tentrax sells the Optima battery as part of the 12 volt electrical package. This maintenance free battery is sealed using advanced design techniques like Spiracell technology that out performs all other lead-acid batteries. The Optima battery is extremely safe and corrosion resistant. Tentrax uses the Optima battery because of its fast recharge, high power, and vibration resistance. These qualities allow this deep cycle battery to be used for heavy accessory loads, as well as, for RV's and many other applications. This battery also has a very low self discharge rate. The Optima battery can sit unused for 8 to 12 months without recharge.

Marinco 12 Volt Outlets

Three Marinco deluxe 12 volt outlets are installed with every 12 volt electrical package. Two outlets are mounted on the right front of the trailer and the third is located inside the tent and bed area. These are made in the U.S. from corrosion-resistant marine grade material and are extremely durable. Marinco uses the Sealink interconnecting system that securely locks the plugs into the receptacle resulting in a moisture proof connection. Each outlet comes with a watertight sealing cap that is attached to the receptacle so as to not be misplaced.

Combination 12 Volt Light and 12 Volt Fan

The light/fan combination includes a 2-speed fan and light contained in one unit. Its two-directional mounting system allows the unit to be attached to any of the three tent support bows inside the tent and bed sleeping area. The eight-foot heavy-duty coiled cord will plug directly into any of the three 12 volt outlets. A protected motor prolongs the useful life of the light/fan combination.

Charge wire to vehicle

The 12 volt electrical package includes a charge wire running through the trailer wiring system to the trailer electrical plug. This will enable charging of the Optima battery from the tow vehicle's battery. This also allows for operation of 12 volt accessories through the trailer using either the trailer's battery or the tow vehicle's battery.

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Last updated on August 29, 2017