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Rubber Mat Heavy Duty Foam Rubber Mat (fitted to tub floor) $55.00
Camper Trailer Tub White Trailer Tub and Lid $425.00
Custom Painted Camper Trailer Custom Painted  2-stage Clearcoat Tub  (matched to vehicle) $895.00
Camper Trailer Deck Protectors Deck Protectors (5 on lid) w/ 3M Clear Vinyl Chip Guard (front of tub, lid, and on custom fenders) $285.00
Camper Trailer Black Fenders Black Polypropylene Fender Flares $180.00
Camper Trailer Custom Fenders Custom Fiberglass Fender Flares (color matched) $380.00
Jeep Trailer Lights Recessed Jeep Tail Lights and Wiring $220.00
Jeep Round Lights Heavy Duty Round Lights and Wiring $145.00
Torflex Axles 1,400 lbs Torflex Axle with 3,500 lbs Spindles $185.00
Torflex Axles 2,200 lbs Torflex Axle with 3,500 lbs Spindles $290.00
Electric Brakes (10" x 2.25") $685.00
All Terrain Trailer Wheels and Tires Variety of Terrain Tires and Various Wheels $490.00
All Terrain Trailer OEM Wheels and Tires Factory and Aftermarket Wheels and Tires TBD
Standard Hubs $120.00
Jeep Matching Trailer Hubs Hubs to Match (vehicle bolt pattern) $150.00
Trailer Hub Adapters Billet Hub Adapters (D.O.T. approved) 8 lug and Land Rover add $180 $289.00
Trailer 2" Lift Kit 2" Trailer Lift  (required with 24 to 30 inch tires) $120.00
Trailer 4" Lift Kit 4" Trailer Lift  (required with 31 to 32 inch tires) $240.00
Trailer 6" Lit Kit 6" Trailer Lift  (required with 33 to 35 inch tires) $360.00
8" Trailer Lift  (required with 36 to 38 inch tires) $480.00
Trailer Tongue Rack Tongue Rack (28"L X 18"W) $175.00
Trailer Front Rack Front Rack (54" to 44"L X 17"W) $250.00
Off Road Trailer Skid Plate Off Road Skid Plate (rock sliding 3/16 formed steel) $265.00
Custom Trailer Nerf Bars Nerf Bars (1-1/2" steel tube for side protection and lifting) $285.00
Easy Hitch Tongue with 2" Ball Coupler $170.00
Off Road Trailer Pintle Hitch Package

Off Road Package Includes: (add $350 if no trailer)

Trailer 12 Volt Electrical System

12 Volt Electrical Package that includes:


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