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Prices below do not reflect your 10% "Package Discount".

Click Below Description Price
Rubber Mat Heavy Duty Foam Rubber Mat (Fitted on trailers tub) $35.00
Camper Trailer Tub White Trailers - Tub and Lid - (Not sold separately) $295.00
Custom Painted Camper Trailer Custom Painted Trailers  2-stage Clearcoat  (Matches vehicles) $895.00
Camper Trailer Deck Protectors Deck Protectors and 3M Clear-Vinyl Chip Guard (Placed on front of trailer and lid) $190.00
Camper Trailer Black Fenders Black Polypropylene Fenders $140.00
Camper Trailer Custom Fenders Custom Fiberglass Fenders (Matches Vehicle Paint) $360.00
Jeep Trailer Lights Jeep Recessed Tail Lighting, Wiring, and Connectors $160.00
Jeep Round Lights

Round Lights, Heavy Duty, Wiring, and Connectors

Torflex Axles 1,400 lbs. Torflex Axles with 3,500 lbs. Spindles
Torflex Axles 2,200 lbs. Torflex Axles with 3,500 lbs. Spindles
Electric Brakes - Fits Trailer Hubs $585.00
All Terrain Trailer Wheels and Tires Variety of Terrain Tires and Various Wheels $590.00
All Terrain Trailer OEM Wheels and Tires Factory and Aftermarket Wheels & Tires TBD
Standard Trailer Hubs $80.00
Jeep Matching Trailer Hubs Hubs That Matches (Vehicle wheel pattern) $110.00
Trailer Hub Adapters Billet Hub Adapters (D.O.T. approved) 8 lug and Land Rover add $165 $295.00
Trailer 2" Lift Kit 2" Trailer Lift  (required with 24 to 30 inch tires)
(Sold Separately - $130)
Trailer 4" Lift Kit 4" Trailer Lift  (required with 31 to 32 inch tires)
(Sold Separately - $290)
Trailer 6" Lit Kit 6" Trailer Lift  (required with 33 to 35 inch tires) $190.00
8" Trailer Lift  (required with 36 to 38 inch tires) $290.00
Trailer Tongue Rack Tongue Racks (28"L X 18"W) $150.00
Trailer Front Rack Front Racks (54" to 44"L X 17"W) $190.00
Off Road Trailer Skid Plate Off Road Skid Plates (Rock Sliding Steel plate 3/16") $125.00
Custom Trailer Nerf Bars Nerf Bars (1 1/2" Steel Tubes for trailer protection & lifting) $180.00
Easy Hitch and 2 inch Ball Coupling $390.00
Off Road Trailer Pintle Hitch Package

Off Road Package & Includes: (Sold Separately - $995)

Trailer 12 Volt Electrical System

12 Volt Electrical Package that includes:


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Product pages for each option and each accessory is listed below. All items are interchangeable between models for trailers built between 2001 and the current year. New products, recent upgrades, and new modifications can be retrofitted to prior year Tentrax trailers and models.

Choose from among the below list of product pages to find out more about each options and accessory. The Tentrax Tradition of offering a 10% discount is offered for each option and accessory when you purchase a new Tentrax.


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