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Why a Tentrax?

What can you expect for your dollar?

How do we match a Tentrax to your vehicle?

How do we match Factory Wheels?

Can you start with the "least expensive" and add to it later?

How do we ship a Tentrax?

What is the warranty on a Tentrax?


Why a Tentrax? [top]

Great looking, ease-of-use, strongest and yet lightest tent camping trailer available! Like today's ocean-vessels, high-end automobiles and just about anything demanding strength, durability and still being light in weight, the Tentrax trailers are constructed with today's highest quality resins. Metal trailers are extremely heavy, dent and rust away, making them impractical for the "ultimate" on or off road trailer. Tentrax trailers provide 30 cu ft of water- tight, lockable storage, giving peace of mind in any environment. And with the "Tent and Bed" option, turn camping into a passion. Anywhere (in a matter of seconds) you can bed down (off the ground) for a restful night, only to dream of the next day's adventures!

What can you expect for your dollar? [top]

Quality- Designed and built to last generations. Every aspect of the Tentrax is overbuilt, from the powder-coated 1/4 wall tube frame to the 3/4 plywood laminated in the fiberglass tub. Resin impregnated "cor-mat" provides a smooth mirror finish.
When Tentrax is ordered "Color Matched" to your vehicle, the front corner surfaces are protected from rock chips with a 3M 8ml clear coated vinyl that is virtually undetectable.
The interior mattress is marine grade, and the tent fabric (urethane coated polyester) is an industry first, leading other manufacturers to follow. We no longer use nylon "rip-stop" as it is thin, lightweight, deteriorates in the sun and rots when put away wet.
Tentrax can be built to carry up to 2,200 lbs., yet we go even further by overbuilding the hubs and bearing (3,500 lbs. rated) to ensure reliability and longevity.
Each Tentrax is individually built by the same person (our family) ensuring quality and assembly experience. With this expertise and individual attention we can guarantee each Tentrax to exceed your expectations.

How do we match a Tentrax to your vehicle? [top]

Tentrax trailers can be matched to any vehicle by color matching the paint and adapting the bolt pattern (with either matching hubs or DOT approved billet adapters) to accept your same wheels, eliminating the need for a spare. Height is matched with "lift kits" to accommodate up to 38" tires.

How do we match Factory Wheels? [top]

We have suppliers throughout the World supplying us with "Factory Wheels" (O.E.M). All we need is year, make and model of your vehicle. A picture may be required. You may purchase a Tentrax without wheels and tires, and supply them yourself. We need to know the bolt pattern, type of wheel and tire size you intend on using.

Can you start with the "least expensive" and add to it later? [top]

Both models of Tentrax can be purchased without any options and then added to at a later date. Tentrax can be purchased as a "cargo trailer" without the tent and bed. There are two options that should be installed at construction: "Color Matched Paint" and the "Off Road Package", as these would require excessive labor to change after assembly.

How do we ship a Tentrax? [top]

If your Tentrax is to be delivered in the Western United States, we can roll it onto our transport trailer and deliver it to your door. 

Outside our delivery area, we will ship your Tentrax in an enclosed trailer, using a national vehicle hauling company.

Shipping outside the United States requires special arrangements.

What is the warranty on a Tentrax? [top]

Tentrax Trailers come with a "Limited Lifetime" warranty to the original purchaser. With years of testing and product research , Tentrax offers the best products available. Each "Accessory" offered by Tentrax comes with a manufacturers warranty.




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Last updated on June 20, 2018