Image of the Tent and Bed Interior of the Tentrax.
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The optional tent and bed features a seriously rugged and durable bed and water resistant tent that automatically folds neatly into the lid of the trailer when not in use - leaving over 30 cubic feet of dry and lockable cargo storage area below.   The tent and bed are supported in the lid with heavy-duty struts that also make for easy trailer lid opening.   One person can completely set up the off-the-ground tent trailer and bed in less than 5 minutes for a comfortable night's sleep.   The non-skid rubber strip affixed onto the rear bumper along with the  rear step  makes it even easier to enter and exit the sleeping area.



Terrain Rated®  Tent Trailer

The tent top it-self is custom-made for the Tentrax trailer with many special and unique features. The tent is designed with 4 mounted D-rings for superior stability when attaching either the large awning/rain fly   or the  smaller awning/rain fly.   Additionally, the tent is supported and secured to the trailer with 2 mounting brackets and 3 mounting tent bows. The tent bows also serve to support the hanging light and fan combo that comes with the 12 volt electrical package.

All tent materials are made here in the U.S. by our local team of fabric experts. The trailer tent top is manufactured from high quality 300-denier polyester that has a blade-coated urethane moister barrier and U.V. blocker that is also mildew resistant and fire retardant. The tent top is designed and manufactured with exacting quality, strength, and durability being the main objectives. Each is sewn on state-of-the-art computerized sewing machines using a high strength cotton wrapped polyester thread with a UV blocker. All seams are reinforced with a heavy duty grosgrain seam tape. We use only heavy duty coil zippers with dual sided pulls for both door and screen openings.

The tent includes two wide door openings allowing access from either end of the trailer. We have chosen to use a high quality fine door mesh screen to ensure a pest-free night's sleep. All corners and wear points have been double layered to add strength and longevity. The tent top is held in place using a heavy duty 3/8" elasticized shock cord encased in 600-denier polyester surrounding the lower perimeter.

For high winds, we have also incorporated into the tent 6 synch straps that are 2 inches in width that attach to the trailer at various locations. Two of these tie-down straps are located at the front of the tent and attach to the the steel top rack. Two other tie-down straps are located at the rear of the tent and attach to the steel bumper of the trailer. There are also tie-down straps on the sides of the tent that also attached to steel structure of the trailer. These straps are made of polypropylene webbing and Velcro®. Combine these tie-downs with the heavy-duty shock cord sewn in the bottom of the tent that is pulled snug around the tub of the trailer, this tent is prepared for the worst winds.

Each tent top must pass through a 5-point inspection during our assembly process and a complete rigorous final inspection for strength, durability, stability, flexibility, color, folding, zipper free flow, cord, fabric, and seam tape thread test before being installed on each Tentrax.

Proper Tent Care, Treatment, and Protection

The tent fabric is generally water resistant; the possibility of leakage may occur along the seams if not properly treated. The best way to care for the trailer tent and prevent leakage is to annually clean the tent.

Custom-Made Trailer Bed

The custom-made trailer bed was designed for a comfortable night's sleep and combines superior manufacturing with a unique, cargo-access design. The bed contains a push out panel that allows access and storage of gear in the cargo area below even when the bed is in use.

The camping tent trailer bed frame is made from " A/C 7-ply exterior grade Douglas Fir plywood that is generally 80% water resistant and cut with a high-end computer numerically controlled (CNC) router for the ultimate in precision. The camping tent trailer bed is designed by using Auto CAD prior to input into CNC machine.

The exterior tent bed material is made from 100% Fossfibre solution-dyed polyester fiber for consistent color, maximum color-fastness, and high UV resistance. This material's high heat resistance is superior to polypropylene. The bed material has a plush, uniform appearance that won't fray or unravel. In addition, the bed material is highly resistant to chemicals - including hydrocarbons, salts, and is mold and mildew resistant. This material is also proven to be highly resistant to staining and soiling.

The interior bed material consists of an inner-lining support system. The support factor is rated at a firm, medium density foam that is designed for sleeping and seating.

The sleeping area folds with the use of a double hinge system that consists of a heavy duty vinyl that withstands cold crack up to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The knit backing adheres to the bed support that is reinforced with 3/8" liquor finish upholstery staples. This heavy duty hinge is overlaid and reinforced with a solid nickel finished metal hinge that is fastened to the width of the bed support structure that assists in the storage of the tent and bed sleeping area in the lid of the tent trailer when not in use.

Angle steel rails are fastened to bed sides for additional frame support and stability while flat bottom legs reinforce the bed frame for maximum stability. These legs swivel up and out-of-the-way when the bed is stored in the lid.

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Last updated on January 3, 2018