The Portable Extreme Hot Shower.
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This camping shower is an Extreme Hot Shower that is lightweight and portable.   The shower consists of rugged stainless steel construction for extra durability and hand pump operation for self-contained use.   This portable shower has been the Number 1 hot shower of choice for back country trailer use for a number of years.   The shower includes a water temperature indicator and a shower head with on/off switch for convenience, as well as, a collapsible stove and storage bag.




If you have ever wanted a hot shower in minutes anywhere, anytime, the stainless steel camping shower is the best choice. This lightweight shower is great for off road trailer camping, rafting, boating, and hunting and is completely self-contained. The high quality stainless steel construction makes the shower very durable and rust free. Very simple to use — just fill with water and place on the gas burner stove. The water temperature gauge will show when the shower is ready to use. When the temperature strip shows 100 degrees, just pump the shower 10 times and enjoy the power of a hot shower for about 5 minutes. Pump it the maximum recommended 18 times and you can enjoy the HOT shower until it empties. There is no need to hoist the shower cylinder as the sealed hand pump pressures the system in seconds.

Shower Heating Stove

The shower comes with a powerful 10,000 BTU stove built from rugged powder coated steel for extra durability and collapses for easy transport. The stove heats the shower to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in just minutes and can also be used as a cooking stove too. The stove can handle the weight of heavy cooking items such as large cook stove pots, cast iron skillets, and steel griddles. The stove has a stainless steel burner and the entire package sets up in under 1 minute.

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Last updated on January 3, 2018