Portable Refrigerator and Freezer.
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The freezer/fridge accessory offered by Tentrax is an Engel 43-quart, combination refrigerator and freezer with Tentrax tie downs.   Holds up to 60 cans of 12 fluid ounce beverages.   This portable unit is the most popular freezer/fridge used in camping, recreation, and emergency aid activities.   The refrigerator/freezer can be plugged either directly into any 12-volt power supply, or directly into any 110-volt electrical wall outlet.  All freezer/fridges come with two Tentrax tie-down straps to secure the unit to the front rack of your Tentrax trailer.



The portable Engel MT 45 freezer/fridge is the most efficient, reliable, and best performing AC/DC unit available.  Because of its medium/large size and powerful freezer capability, the MT45 is the preferred model for camping, recreational, and first responder uses.  This convenient refrigerator and freezer is commonly used with off road trailers and by state park campers for keeping food frozen and drinks chilled.  Another common use is for fishing to keep fish or bait cooled or frozen.

The MT 45 has some outstanding capabilities.  As a refrigerator, it can maintain a steady interior temperature with its automatic temperature control system.  As a freezer, it is capable of freezing at variable temperatures from 40°F to 0°F. It contains a removable food basket for easy packing and access to items.

This portable cooler is extremely easy to use and care for. The freezer/fridge is great for people on the move. Plug it directly into your vehicle's cigarette lighter or any device having a 12-volt power supply, like a Tentrax trailer, or any household 110-volt wall outlet. The MT45 automatically switches between power sources so you have nothing to worry about except to plug it in. The refrigerator easily converts to a freezer with a twist of a dial. Additionally, the unit has two carrying handles, one on each side of the freezer/fridge making it easy to move from your Tentrax trailer to your vehicle, or from your vehicle to your motel room when you are traveling without a trailer.

The construction of this freezer/fridge combo is exceptional. The MT45 includes a tough durable zinc plated steel outer case, with a melamine coating, and easily removable lid, and is UL approved. The Engel swing motor compressor maximizes cooling power yet is superbly quiet, operating at a maximum of 38 dB. The MT 45 also has super low power consumption and uses environmentally friendly 134A refrigerant gas for those interested in being green. The unit is easily solar powered and draws a maximum of 2.5 amps.

Engel Freezer / Cooler / Refrigerator Dimensions and Specifications:

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Last updated on January 3, 2018