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This rain fly measures 5 feet x 11 feet and is designed to cover the tent trailer and a porch area to the back of the tent trailer.   The fabric, thread, seam tape, reinforced corners, and other components are constructed from the same materials as the Tentrax tent.  This awning/rain fly is designed for those situations that you encounter where you want to put up a cover in less time using fewer poles, tent stakes, and rope.



The small awning/rain fly is custom made for Tentrax trailers. When set up, the tent awning covers the tent and provides a 5' protected porch area that extends out to the back of trailer. Both the large and small rain fly's are attached to the tent top by clipping the four cinch straps on the underside of the rain fly to the four D-rings on the tent and pulling the draw string tight for a good fit.

The same poles, tent stakes, and rope that come with the large rain fly can also be used for setting up the small awning/rain fly. When purchased separately, one long and one short pole are provided with the small tent awning.

The rain fly is designed with metal ring grommets for each of the Easton 7075 aluminum support poles. Easton poles are made with the same excellence and precision inherent in standard tent tubing. The 7075 poles used are designed with a larger diameter for special applications. These poles are extreme weather rated and provide over 80,000 psi of tensile strength. When properly setup, the awning/rain fly can withstand quite a bit of inclement weather abuse.

The tent cover is also designed to be secured to the ground using a combination of tent stakes and rope. Five ground tent stakes come with each small awning/rain fly, but fewer may be needed for support. Seventy-five feet of all-purpose, high visibility, 5/32" Diamond-Braid Poly rope is provided with a reusable winder for easy storage and to avoid entanglement. The rope is attached to the rain fly by cutting the rope into lengths and securely attaching each end to the 'D' rings on the rain fly and attaching the other ends to ground stakes. The awning/rain fly will then be securely in place and provide shelter from both sun and rain.

An easy to follow diagram illustrating the setup is provided with each awning/rain fly.

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Last updated on September 10, 2016