Aluminum Propane Tank.
Propane Tank Propane Tank

This lightweight aluminum propane tank is the ideal choice for cooking around the camp table.   Our 10 lb propane tank is easy to use with all your camping devices such as lanterns, Power Stove, and tent heaters.   All cylinders come with two Tentrax tie-down straps to secure the propane tank to the front rack of your off road trailer.



As with all of the accessories that Tentrax offers, the aluminum propane tank comes from the world's leading global supplier of LP propane cylinders. Each tank is manufactured to Department of Transportation (DOT) 4-E240 specifications in ISO certified facilities.

By choosing our 10lb aluminum tank, you will have no heavy propane bottle to haul around. This propane tank is engineered and designed to be lightweight, but offers strength and durability in the construction. The tank is attractive and comes with a smooth, sleek finish. The tank also features a handhold in the collar, making it easier to lift and carry long distances or when refilling.

Aluminum propane tanks are rust-free and corrosion resistant. The interiors are clean, dry, and scale free. Each propane cylinder contains the new overfill protection devise (OPD) to assure expansion room for temperature changes. As the cylinder fills, the rising propane level lifts the floating gauge to the stop fill position. The overfill prevention device is the secondary back-up measure to methods of filling cylinders by weight and volume.

Propane is one of the nation's most versatile sources of energy. It burns clean, producing minimal emissions and is non-toxic to both soil and water. Propane is also reliable and readily available where other energy sources are not. Additionally, propane is safe with built-in properties — it will not ignite unless ignition source reaches 940° F and it is produced following stringent safety regulations.

For more information, visit the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) and The Propane Education & Research Council websites below:


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Last updated on January 3, 2018