Lockable Aluminum Dry Box.
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Each virtually indestructible lockable aluminum dry box is rectangular shaped and fits perfectly on the Tentrax tongue rack.   They are fastened with nuts and bolts to the tongue rack and sealed with Loctite™ top and bottom to resist moister.   These popular and rugged watertight storage containers are not only used throughout the 4X4 and off-road trailer industry but also by weekend campers who prefer to use the very best dry box protection available for keeping their valuables safe, dry, and locked away.



Tentrax watertight dry boxes are made from .0800 thick, 5052 premium marine aluminum sheet. Each sheet has been sheared with a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) shearer, die-notched, formed with a brake press, and then TIG welded to produce a waterproof and watertight container for use with everyday camping needs.

All dry boxes come standard with two spring loaded and lockable cam latches to secure your valuables. A continuous steel lid hinge along the length of the aluminum dry box, coupled with a rubber gasket around the lid opening, add to the water resistant features. Our experienced professionals have more than 20 years experience welding and working with aluminum and has the consumer in mind throughout the manufacturing process. Each dry box is carefully inspected for flaws throughout the construction process, as well as, after it is installed on the trailer's tongue rack to insure a consistent high quality product.

These watertight storage containers are constructed from aluminum because of its superior waterproof characteristics and sleek rich looking brushed aluminum finish. In addition, those concerned about adding extra weight don't need to worry, aluminum is a very light material and the entire weight of a lockable aluminum dry box is just 19 pounds.

Consistently high quality, waterproof, lightweight, double locks, and rich brushed aluminum finish. These dry boxes function extremely well and also enhances the look of any Tentrax. Easy top access, their multi-use function can serve a number of purposes including storage for small personal items, camping gear, tent stakes, aluminum rear step, large rain fly, small rain fly, and a road repair kit. Conveniently located right on the tongue of the trailer so you don't have to open the trailer to get to quickly needed items.

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Last updated on January 3, 2018